What is Body Neutrality? And how can it be helpful? (Webinar Recording)

What is Body Neutrality And how can it be helpful

Nüton is excited to be partnering with SERC, the Sexuality Education Resource Centre MB. This webinar recording, What is Body Neutrality? And how can it be helpful?, aired on September 28, 2022. You can find a link to the recording below.

Summary of Webinar:

The webinar will give a brief overview of how to use Body Neutrality by exploring:

  • Our relationship with bodies and how we view them (Body Image)
  • What Body Positivity and Body Negativity are and how they relate to neutrality
  • What Body Neutrality is and what it sounds like
  • Mixing elements of Body Positivity and Neutrality together
  • How to use these models to create institutional change as a service provider

We will be sharing resources, information on our workshops, and much more!

Webinar Recording:


Webinar Slides:

Body Neutrality Sept 2022

Resources Mentioned:


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