Part 3 of 3: How to get Kids Involved at Home – Fun n’ Games!


We’re in this together.

Everyone is feeling the ripple effects of school/daycare closures among many other cancellations and postponed events. To say that people are overwhelmed might be an understatement.

Nüton wants to help families get through this using the power of food. Exploring food and cooking is not only a good activity for long days spent at home, but it’s also a great opportunity to teach kids about science and math…and so much more!

To help you lighten things up, we will be sending you a series of our top tips on getting kids involved in the kitchen, while learning and having fun!

Best part? You don’t need anything fancy to get started. Please send this to any parents or caregivers who would find this helpful!

Food Riddles

We love a good food pun and riddle! Check these ones out.

Tip: You can use the food riddles to introduce a new food ingredient that you’re going to cook or bake with. Have kids guess what the mystery ingredient is!

Book Ideas

Cozy-ing up with a good book is also a great way to learn more about food. We love this book list from BC Dairy Association. Many of these books can be ordered online and delivered to your door!

Conversation Starters & Family Traditions

Strike up a positive mealtime conversation with these fun questions and scenarios! Suitable for all ages.

Canada is an extremely diverse country and home to residents of various different cultures. Each of these cultures have their own special traditional recipes and food practices passed down from previous generations, ready to be shared with a multitude of people! Celebrating culture and food traditions allows for the opportunity to learn more about your own culture and explore others, while fostering a sense of community in the process — something we all need.

To explore other cultural foods and food practices, create a (virtual) mini potluck of diverse foods between you and your closest friends! Share each of your own cultural foods and share a meal together virtually.

Tip: Check out the Storied Recipe podcast! Blogger Becky Hadeed invites guests to share their stories and heritage through the vessel of cherished food memories.

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