Maintaining your energy to Catch ‘Em All

Three tips to staying focused and fueled while catching Pokémon

Chances are you know someone who has become a Pokémon trainer over the last month, and they are on a mission to catch them all.

One of the reasons we love Pokémon Go is because it encourages trainers to be active. You need to walk to find Pokémon, you need to walk to go to gyms (to train Pokémon) and Poké stops (stations where items can be collected), and you need to walk to hatch eggs. Recently we read an article about a man who claims he lost 25 pounds playing the game. This is an extreme example, but it does highlight the active benefits Pokémon Go offers.

“It’s great to see so many families and groups using the game as a chance to move around and explore together, but it’s important that you’re staying hydrated and eating nutritious foods before and during the activity,” said Pat Bugera Krawchuk, registered dietitian and Nutrition Programs Manager at Nüton.

Here are the top three tips to staying focused and fueled while catching Pokémon:

  1. Fluid

    The last thing you want is to feel like you’re experiencing one of Psyduck’s headaches, so having enough fluid should be a top priority. Dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness, weakness and confusion. Not exactly the qualities of a top trainer. Most people should consume 2-3 liters of fluid each day. Make sure to carry a refillable water bottle with you on your adventure, especially in hot and humid conditions. Remember that “fluid” isn’t just water. Soup, juice, milk, smoothies, tea and coffee as well as vegetables and fruit like melon and cucumber help keep the body well-hydrated.

  1. Eat before going out

    Having a nutritious meal before going out will keep your energy up for hours. Make sure to have a meal that includes proteins, whole carbohydrates and fibres. These foods will boost your energy, fuel your brain, improve your mood and keep you full. It’s important to think about what parts of the body your food is fueling and to eat a meal that will improve the function of each part. After all, it takes mental and physical skill to seek out the rarest Pokémon.

  2. Pack nutritious snacks

    all that tracking and searching can make you hungry so be prepared. Pack a snack that will help fuel your body by choosing foods from at least 2 food groups like fresh veggies and hummus for dipping or whole grain crackers and natural cheese. Plan for different snacks every day to get a wide variety of vitamins and minerals plus the fuel you need to keep on moving.

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