Nutrition Information: Spotting Fact from Fiction

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Do you ever feel that finding accurate nutrition information is sometimes overwhelming or virtually impossible with so much conflicting information out there? Rest assured because we’re here to help you navigate it all!

Here are some tips to help you spot fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition information:

  1. Is the claim supported by research? A reliable source of information should be backed by research. Check to see if there are links to the research that support the claims.
  2. Who is sharing the information?  If the testimonials are mainly from celebrities or individuals claiming they are nutrition experts but have no supporting credentials, the information may be inaccurate. Dietitians are experts in nutrition and are committed to providing information to the public that is well researched and backed by science. Learn more about what a dietitian does here.
  3. Is a quick fix being offered? The cure to all your problems…. or is it? If a quick fix is being offered to help solve a nutrition related problem, you may want to investigate further and identify the source of where that piece of information is coming from. Making changes to your health is usually not something that happens overnight. For most of us, change is a process that requires time.  For more information on how to make realistic, positive and sustainable changes to your health, visit Unlock Food.
  4. Simplify your research by sticking with reliable sources of information. Reliable sources are usually supported by a recognized health association that are regulated and ensures all information posted is valid and credible.

Sources of Reliable Nutrition Information Include:

Nüton’s dietitians offer a variety of nutrition workshops for educators that can help you identify nutrition misinformation. Contact Nüton at for further information on their nutrition workshops.

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