Activities for Kids: All Grades


Health Fairs and Parent Night

Are you planning a school Health Fair or Parent Night? We have some helpful suggestions for you to make your event a success.

Get hands-on! Engaging parents/caregivers in a hands-on cooking experience with children is a chance to teach more than healthy eating! Some of the many benefits of preparing food with kids offers parents an opportunity to help reinforce academic skills like

  • reading,
  • counting and
  • measuring.

Children also work with adults to follow directions as they experience the social aspects of food preparation. Parents might be surprised to see just how well their child prepares age-appropriate recipes.

People love recipes! We suggest you offer a recipe to take home and the family may find they cook together more often! We offer easy to follow recipes in child-friendly language to help make your school’s cooking with kids activity a success.


We have developed simple food and cooking activities that can be done by you and your students in your classroom or multipurpose room.

Contact us to get these activities!