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  1. Are energy drinks OK for teens? - Example

    Energy drinks pose potential health risks for children and teens. The Mayo Clinic reports that a single energy drink (473 mL) can raise blood pressure and increase stress hormones. Energy drinks can cause irregular heartbeat, sleep disturbances and anxiety. According to Health Canada, one energy drink could have more caffeine than the safe daily intake for many children and teens. A Canadian expert panel suggested these products be called stimulant drug containing drinks – not energy drinks. Their recommendation is clear – energy drinks are not for those under the age of 18 years.

  2. What does the Best Before date on food packages mean and can food be eaten after that date? - Example

    The Best Before (BB) date is the manufacturer’s promise that an unopened, properly stored food product will keep its best flavor and nutritional value until that date. Check food packages and choose products with a BB date furthest away from the current date – foods will stay fresh the longest.

    BB dates are not about food safety. Food can be safely consumed after the date has passed. When this date has passed, food may lose some of its freshness and flavor – but is safe to eat. Once a package is opened, it loses quality more quickly. However, if food changes colour or appearance, or develops a bad smell, it is no longer safe to eat. Dented, leaking or bulging cans should be discarded. Ultimately follow the rule – when in doubt, throw it out!

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