Thursday, January 19th, from 1:00 - 2:30 pm

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1.5 hr VIRTUAL orientation session


Orientation is held virtually via Zoom. There will NOT be a recording. Orientation is intended for adults only.


Welcome to Families in the Kitchen

A program designed to strengthen community and promote health by sharing strategies for enjoying and preparing family meals. This program was created with Community Support Workers in mind but can be used by anyone who wants to set up an after-school cooking program with families/caregivers and kids.

What is Families in the Kitchen?

Families in the Kitchen is a how-to guide that can be used to inspire families with strategies for relaxed mealtimes and to cook easy and inexpensive meals and snacks as part of a cooking group.

Cooking and eating together gives families a chance to connect, plan and learn from one another. In addition to recipes, this guide includes lessons with background information for program leaders with strategies for successful meals, suggested parent/caregiver group activities/discussions, and age-appropriate table talk - the ingredients you need to bring families, schools and communities together!

Who can facilitate the Families in the Kitchen program?

If you work with families, or parents/caregivers and their children, this program is for you!

  • Community support workers
  • Community Connectors
  • Community group facilitators
  • After-school program facilitators
  • Family Centre Coordinators

How long is the program?

The program consists of 10 lessons with a variety of topics, specific resources and family friendly recipes to try out with your group. Each lesson is estimated to take 2 hours long.

The program can be completed over as many weeks as you would like (i.e., 10 weeks for 10 lessons or longer if you prefer to span lessons over multiple weeks, the choice is yours)!

What are the Benefits of using Families in the Kitchen?

There are many benefits to learning, cooking and eating together. Families in the Kitchen supports a foundation for creating positive health behaviors by:

  • Providing a safe place for families to have conversations about shared challenges and solutions around food and eating
  • Exposing families to a variety of recipes and foods
  • Providing families an opportunity to socialize by sharing food with friends and family
  • Encouraging children to cook and eat together with their families
  • Improving family food preparation skills
  • Teaching kitchen safety and safe food handling practices
  • And so much more!

How do I get a copy of the Families in the Kitchen program?

After attending a 1 ½ hour orientation session hosted by the dietitians at Nüton, we will mail you a copy of the program. Free of charge.

What's Included in the Families in the Kitchen Program?

  • A hard copy of the Families in the Kitchen manual – a binder filled with information on how to make mealtimes more enjoyable
  • Educational resources - both physical copies and links to access additional ones
  • 10 recipes that are family-friendly and easy-to-follow – Note: there is room to add your own into the mix as well!

Access to the dietitians at Nüton during the 1 ½ hour orientation session and afterwards for support.

Example of a lesson plan outline:  

Lesson 1 – Eating Meals with Others

  • Introduction
    • Objectives
  • Background information
    • Tips for success
  • Activity
  • Suggested resources
  • Suggested recipe












Current FIK facilitators and program participants:

Current program users that are loving the program!

  • Community Schools, Community Connectors
  • Family Dynamics, In-home support workers
  • …Your Community Group!
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Participants leave the orientation session with the Families in the Kitchen program resources:

  • Families in the Kitchen program binder

    Families in the Kitchen program binder

  • Educational resources

    Educational resources

  • 10 recipes

    10 recipes

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