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*VIRTUAL workshops available to Manitoba residents ONLY

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2 hour virtual workshop


VIRTUAL (hosted via Zoom or Teams)

* Please be reminded that this is NOT a school field trip. These workshops are meant for educators to attend only.


What is Food Explorers?

Food Explorers is an exciting program for kindergarten and/or Grade 1 students, to help them explore the food in a fun and positive way, while learning about core curriculum! The program includes preparing simple recipes and encourages students to have fun exploring a variety of foods.

Who is this workshop for?

  • K-1 classroom teachers
  • Physical Education teachers
  • Educational Assistants, Resource Teachers, Foods and Nutrition Teachers and those who interact with the same group of students regularly

What do you learn in a teacher workshop?

Teachers learn:

  • Current child nutrition recommendations & best practices
  • How to integrate food and nutrition education with core curriculum
  • How to talk to students about food, bodies and movement in a safe way
  • How nutrition intersects with mental health and wellbeing
  • To learn more about our teaching philosophy, check this out

What do teachers get after attending a workshop*?

  • Training on current childhood nutrition recommendations and effective classroom nutrition education
  • The initial kit includes:
    • Free teacher guide with student materials
    • Class set of recipe collector cards and colourful stickers for students to take home** (re-supplied annually at no cost)
  • Ideas for fun and nutritious classroom snacks (and samples of course!)

* Program materials are only available to teachers who have taken a workshop.

** Resources for home are re-supplied annually at no cost to teachers who have taken a workshop.

Can I use Food Explorers during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Learn How

What about Canada's new food guide?

Read more on how to use Food Explorers with Canada's new food guide.

Mini Food Grant

  • Did you know? If you are using Food Explorers, you are eligible for a Mini Food Grant of up to $150! This grant will help you purchase ingredients to explore a variety of foods with your students. For more information on how to qualify, visit here.
Nutrition is a cross-curricular topic. Meet outcomes in many other subjects while teaching nutrition.
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What comes with the program

Participants leave the workshop with a variety of free resources related to nutrition education for early years students.

The following resources are provided at no cost to teachers:

  • Teacher guide with classroom activities

    Teacher guide with classroom activities

  • Recipe cards and stickers for students

    Recipe cards and stickers for students

  • Ideas for fun and healthy classroom snacks

    Ideas for fun and healthy classroom snacks

  • A Mystery Can for nutrition activities

    A Mystery Can for nutrition activities

  • Feeding with Love and Good Sense 6 through 13 Years

    Feeding with Love and Good Sense 6 through 13 Years

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