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*VIRTUAL workshops available to Manitoba residents ONLY upon request

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2 hour workshop


In-person location:
Dairy Farmers of Manitoba building
4055 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3K 2E8

VIRTUAL (hosted via Zoom or Teams)

* Please be reminded that this is NOT a school field trip. These workshops are meant for educators to attend only.


  • The kids really enjoyed [our] two food exploration days. It was surprising to see how difficult trying some of the bread was. Our policy was that you did not have to eat it, but to try to smell and look at it at a minimum for exposure. Several of the kids asked me to share the types of bread we tried with their parents so they could have more at home. What a great experience.

    – Grade 1 Teacher


What is Food Explorers?

Food Explorers is an exciting program for kindergarten and/or Grade 1 students, to help them explore the food in a fun and positive way, while learning about core curriculum! The program includes preparing simple recipes and encourages students to have fun exploring a variety of foods.

Who is this workshop for?

  • K-1 classroom teachers
  • Physical Education teachers
  • Educational Assistants, Resource Teachers, Foods and Nutrition Teachers and those who interact with the same group of students regularly

What do you learn in a teacher workshop?

Teachers learn:

  • Current child nutrition recommendations & best practices
  • How to integrate food and nutrition education with core curriculum
  • How to talk to students about food, bodies and movement in a safe way
  • How nutrition intersects with mental health and wellbeing
  • To learn more about our teaching philosophy, check this out

What do teachers get after attending a workshop*?

  • Training on current childhood nutrition recommendations and effective classroom nutrition education
  • The initial kit includes:
    • Free teacher guide with student materials
    • Class set of recipe collector cards and colourful stickers for students to take home** (re-supplied annually at no cost)
  • Ideas for fun and nutritious classroom snacks (and samples of course!)

* Program materials are only available to teachers who have taken a workshop.

** Resources for home are re-supplied annually at no cost to teachers who have taken a workshop.

Can I use Food Explorers during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Learn How

What about Canada's new food guide?

Read more on how to use Food Explorers with Canada's new food guide.

Mini Food Grant

  • Did you know? If you are using Food Explorers, you are eligible for a Mini Food Grant of up to $200! This grant will help you purchase ingredients to explore a variety of foods with your students. For more information on how to qualify, visit here.

Nutrition is a cross-curricular topic. Meet outcomes in many other subjects while teaching nutrition.

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What comes with the program

Participants leave the workshop with a variety of free resources related to nutrition education for early years students.

The following resources are provided at no cost to teachers:

  • Teacher guide with classroom activities

    Teacher guide with classroom activities

  • Recipe cards and stickers for students

    Recipe cards and stickers for students

  • Ideas for fun and healthy classroom snacks

    Ideas for fun and healthy classroom snacks

  • A Mystery Can for nutrition activities

    A Mystery Can for nutrition activities

  • Feeding with Love and Good Sense 6 through 13 Years

    Feeding with Love and Good Sense 6 through 13 Years

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