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  • Friday, April 5, 2019

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9:30am – 3:00pm


Dairy Farmers of Manitoba
(4055 Portage Avenue)

* Please be reminded that this is NOT a school field trip. These workshops are meant for educators to attend only.


  • "Power to Play was easy for me to understand and implement. I loved how much my students understood about food and nutrition when we completed the unit! If we can teach students to eat healthy and live healthier lifestyles then we truly are giving them the Power to Play!"

    – Amanda Brown, Yellowquill School
  • “I’m excited to share with my students how to better follow the food guide and eat healthier.”

  • “Very hands-on and interactive with helpful resources that are ready to go. Excellent workshop!”

  • “The free materials are easy to implement and are useful for a variety of different learning styles.”

  • “The ready to use lessons and Smartboard activities are fabulous. Best of all, it’s all free!”


Power to Play is a superhero themed program for grades 2&3 that explores food and drink choices that give kids the power to play. 

In this interactive teacher workshop you will meet "Brock Lee" and "Coco Lait". These superheroes will lead your students on healthy eating and physical activity adventures so they have the power to play, think, and feel great!

This interactive teacher workshop will include:

  • Training and a free copy of a teacher manual complete with lesson plans and bilingual student activity sheets
  • An electronic version of lessons to use on a Smartboard
  • A Smartboard program "Adventures in Power to Play" that uses interactive touch technology to let students explore healthy food choices through hands-on investigation
  • Ideas for fun and healthy classroom snacks (and samples of course!)
  • A Make and Take - Mystery Can for nutrition activities

* Program materials are only available to teachers who have taken a workshop.
Nutrition is a cross-curricular topic. Meet outcomes in many other subjects while teaching nutrition.
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Program Resources

What comes with the program

The following resources are provided at no cost to workshop participants

  • Guide


    Grade specific teacher guides with lesson plans and student activities. Each lesson makes physical activity fun by including an Energy Blast.

  • DVD


    Bring lessons to life as your class watches Broc Lee and Coco Lait’s adventures in healthy eating. Watch a DVD episode.

  • CD


    Fun songs let students know about the super-food activities. Listen to a song.

  • CD-ROM (French and English)

    CD-ROM (French and English)

    Contains all student activity sheets; designed for use with SMART board.

  • Smartboard Adventures

    Smartboard Adventures

    A technology-based resource that extends learning in Power to Play! It highlights technology and hands-on investigation to explore a variety of food choices.


Materials available for purchase

  • Study Prints

    Study Prints

    A set of 10 study prints that showcase each of the four food groups, meals, active play, healthy classroom lunch and a family mealtime.

    $ 12.00

  • Food Picture Cards (Bilingual)

    Food Picture Cards (Bilingual)

    A set of 103 food pictures with a food group legend on the back (5”x7”cards).

    $ 20.00

  • Food Guide Rainbow

    Food Guide Rainbow

    This re-useable fabric rainbow (approx. 24”x40”) can be incorporated into many nutrition activities at any grade level.

    $ 15.00

  • Preschool Food Puzzle

    Preschool Food Puzzle

    Colourful, sturdy cardboard floor puzzle links food and agriculture with big pieces, great for little hands.

    $ 15.00

Other Materials

Resources for Families

  • Feeding Children Ages 1 to 5 (Individual booklet)

    Feeding Children Ages 1 to 5 (Individual booklet)

    Easier reading information tips on healthy eating for preschool children.

    Hard Copy


  • Snacks & Dental Health (Individual booklet)

    Snacks & Dental Health (Individual booklet)

    Information, hints for parents and kids.

    Hard Copy


Free Resources

  • Feeding Children Ages 1 to 5

    Feeding Children Ages 1 to 5

    Easier reading information tips on healthy eating for preschool children.


  • Snacks & Dental Health

    Snacks & Dental Health

    Information, hints for parents and kids.


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Home Connections

Sharing nutrition information with parents can:

  • Help families understand what students learn about nutrition and food.
  • Support classroom learning in the home.
  • Update parents on nutritional information.
  • Communicate with families to encourage healthful eating habits at home.

Share the following resources with parents: