Powerful Bones helps students understand that bones are made of living tissue.

About Powerful Bones

Powerful Bones helps students understand that bones are made of living tissue and that adolescence is the-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build strong bones. Students will assess their intake of calcium-rich foods and activity patterns, then plan and practice lifestyle choices that help build strong bones.

Resources & Materials

Curriculum Connections

Powerful Bones helps you achieve nutrition outcomes from the Healthy Lifestyle Practices, a student learning outcome (SLO) in accordance with Manitoba’s physical education and health education curriculum. Download the PDF for more info.

Additional Program Resources

These free resources will also be provided to workshop participants:

  • Teacher’s Guide – Includes teaching ideas, student activities, and assessment tools
  • CD-ROM – Contains student activity sheets both in English and in French, in a standard pdf format, as well as pdf with fillable form fields
  • Class set of parent brochure Do You Think About Their Bones
  • Bone Remodeling Video
  • For those with an interactive white board - A USB with ready to use files for each lesson

Shop Support Materials

Visit the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba online store to order support materials such as the Think Your Drink Poster and other helpful learning resources.

How to Get Your Teaching Package

Attend a free workshop led by a Registered Dietitian. Book a workshop for your school staff, coordinate one for grade 6 teachers in your area or school division, or contact Anna (anna@milk.mb.ca) to find out about upcoming workshops that you can join.

Further Information

Visit the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba website for more information about program resources, curriculum connections, support material, additional activities, home connections and more.

“I’m excited to share with my students how to better follow the food guide and eat healthier.”

“The ready to use lessons and Smartboard activities are fabulous. Best of all, it’s all free!”

“Very hands-on and interactive with helpful resources that are ready to go. Excellent workshop!”