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Breathe like a Bear

Breathe like a Bear

by Kira Willey

Breathe like a Bear
  • ISBN#: 978-1623368838

Breathe like a bear comes with a read along video and has mindfulness activities to teach children self-regulation. The activities will help children develop self-awareness, improve focus, release anxiety and stretch their imagination. Choose whichever activities you find helpful. You can use them in different situations, and may only do one or two a day. There are activities are to energize or to calm children down for both classrooms and home use.

What I Hope My Kids Will Learn: That you can use your body as a tool. That it’s okay to slow down and be still. That it’s fun to explore and be curious with your body. Lots of ways to be mindful, calm, and focused, using our body. 

  • Resource Type: Book
  • Grades: Pre-School, Kindergarten, Grade 1
  • Theme(s): Mindfulness / Body Awareness

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