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The Dot

The Dot

by Peter Reynolds

The Dot
  • ISBN#: 9780545303036

In this book, Vashti struggled with art until his teacher told him to just make a mark and see where it takes him. All he drew was a tiny dot and she said sign it. This is when his teacher hung it up and Vashti knew he could make better dots than that. His art got showcased at his school’s art show and he ended up helping another student become an artist too!

What I Hope My Kids Will Learn: That we all have creativity within us. That it can be fun to experiment, be curious, and try something new. That we all have something important to offer the world. 

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  • Resource Type: Book
  • Grades: Pre-School, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
  • Theme(s): Celebrating Unique Differences

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