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What’s Cooking At 10 Garden Street?

What’s Cooking At 10 Garden Street?

By Felicita Sala

What’s Cooking At 10 Garden Street?
  • ISBN#: 9783791373973

Something delicious is cooking in the old apartment building on Garden Street! Pilar is mixing gazpacho, Monsieur Ping is stir-frying broccoli, Señora Flores is preparing a pot of beans, and Josef and Rafik are rolling meatballs. Other neighbors are making mini-quiches, baba ganoush, dhal, and peanut butter cookies. When they”re all finished cooking everyone gathers in the garden to enjoy a delicious meal and each other”s company. Each inviting spread in this storybook offers a recipe from a different culinary tradition. Dishes that kids love, like guacamole, spaghetti, and banana bread are interspersed with others that include less familiar ingredients, such as mirin, tahini, and turmeric. The recipes explain how each dish is made and come with fun and detailed illustrations. Combining simple, fresh flavors with recipes from around the world, this book will nourish and inspire budding cooks while whetting the appetites of their more experienced helpers.

  • Resource Type: Book
  • Grades: All Ages
  • Theme(s): Learning About Food, Food & Culture, Cooking

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