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Where Does Broccoli Come From

Where Does Broccoli Come From

by Arielle ‘Dani’ Lebovitz

Where Does Broccoli Come From
  • ISBN#: 978-1947001152

Where Does Broccoli Come From? A Book of Vegetables is the vegetable edition in a series of children’s nutrition books for kids ages 4 and up. This colorful and playful guidebook introduces 102 veggies with full-color photography and charming illustrations. Learn fun facts from farm to table, vegetable seasonality, nutrition information, an introduction to cooking with tasty recipes, and how to pick, store, and eat veggies too. Kids will explore new vegetables through experience-based learning with 100 descriptive words to guide their five senses on endless food adventures.

  • Resource Type: Book
  • Grades: Pre-School, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2
  • Theme(s): Learning About Food

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