Activities for Kids:


  • I see my mom doing this stuff all the time, I really need to step up my game! ~Cooking Quest student participant

    – Students bringing their skills back home
  • The experience was excellent - top 3 in my 20 years of teaching!

    – Top 3 field trip
  • I really liked how the groups were small. I felt all of the kids were engaged the entire time! The solving mysteries was fun too.

    – Engaged students!
  • I’ve had kids say they want to make some of the recipes at home this weekend and that they will be going shopping for the ingredients! ~Ms Fehr, Linden Meadows School teacher

    – Excited students
  • The kids had a fabulous time and a couple even went home and cooked a recipe for their parents. ~Ms Sproat, Lord Roberts School teacher

    – Kids make the recipe at home


**Important Announcement: Cooking Quest Cancellation**

We regret to announce that our hands-on cooking field trip has been canceled.

The choice to cancel this field trip was not made lightly, considering the enthusiasm and anticipation it generates among students, teachers, and families. We understand the value of these hands-on experiences and sincerely apologize for any disappointment this decision may cause. (Believe us, we feel it too!)

But don't worry! We're working on some exciting alternative experiences. Stay tuned for updates as soon as we have the details sorted out.

Thank you for your ongoing support in fostering positive relationships with food in your classroom. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to having you join us in this new adventure. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly.

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