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  • I see my mom doing this stuff all the time, I really need to step up my game! ~Cooking Quest student participant

    – Students bringing their skills back home
  • The experience was excellent - top 3 in my 20 years of teaching!

    – Top 3 field trip
  • I really liked how the groups were small. I felt all of the kids were engaged the entire time! The solving mysteries was fun too.

    – Engaged students!
  • I’ve had kids say they want to make some of the recipes at home this weekend and that they will be going shopping for the ingredients! ~Ms Fehr, Linden Meadows School teacher

    – Excited students
  • The kids had a fabulous time and a couple even went home and cooked a recipe for their parents. ~Ms Sproat, Lord Roberts School teacher

    – Kids make the recipe at home


About Cooking Quest

Cooking Quest is a hands-on cooking field trip for Grade 4 and 5 students. Four classes participate at a time — two onsite in Winnipeg, and two remotely via webcast from outside Winnipeg. During Cooking Quest, students are challenged to conquer quests, prepare delicious dishes and earn cash donations that will be donated to a school meal and snack program at a school near their own.

Cooking Quest is free to attend; however you are responsible for your own transportation to and from the Sunova Centre at 48 Holland Road if you are participating onsite. Classes that have attended in the past have organized divisional, arranged for private bus services, or had parent volunteers drive students to the venue.

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Schools participating in 2019:

  • Lord Roberts School
  • Nordale School
  • Chancellor School
  • Christ the King School
  • Crestview School
  • Polson School
  • Linden Meadows School
  • Tyndall Park School
  • Lavallee School
  • J.R. Walkof Elementary School
  • Emerson Elementary School
  • OV Jewitt School

Previous Cooking Quest Participants

  • Mulvey School
  • Alexander School
  • Forest Park Community School
  • Gillis School
  • Collicutt School
  • Joseph Teres School
  • Valleyview Centennial School
  • Niakwa Place School
  • King Edward School
  • Alonsa School
  • Holy Ghost School
  • Weston School
  • Norquay School
  • Glenwood School
  • Springs Christian Academy
  • Donwood Elementary School

  • King Edward Community School
  • Glenelm School
  • Valleyview School (remote)
  • Joseph Teres School (remote)
  • Hastings School, 2 classes
  • Earl Oxford School (remote)
  • Lt. Col. Barker VC School (remote)
  • Neil Campbell School, 2 classes
  • Mitchell Middle School (remote)
  • Gillis School (remote)
  • Mulvey School
  • St. Ignatius
  • Glenwood School (remote)
  • Ecole West Park School (remote)

  • Kleefeld (remote)
  • Robert Smith
  • Holy Ghost
  • Springs Christian Academy
  • St. Edward's
  • Neil Campbell
  • RF Morrison
  • Calvin Christian (remote)
  • Collicutt (remote)
  • Margaret Park (remote)
  • St. Gerard (remote)
  • King Edward Community School
  • St. Ignatius (remote)

  • Ecole Laverendrye
  • Donwood Elementary
  • Ecole Van Bellenghem
  • General Byng
  • RF Morrison
  • Holy Ghost
  • Robert Smith (remote)
  • Ecole Riverview
  • Springs Christian Academy (remote)
  • Stony Mountain (remote)
  • Mapleton (remote)

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