Activities for Kids: Multi level


Grade: 7-12

Curriculum: Cross-curricular

Theme: Food Origins

Format: Videos with PRINTABLE lesson plans



Feeding Canada: Exploring Our Food System

Teach the Food System Using Six Videos and Lesson Plans

This teaching resource featuring Canadian farmers, veterinarians, and researchers provides grades 7–12 classes with a fun and helpful overview of the Canadian food cycle in six videos. Students apply their learning and reflect on how their food is produced. Take your junior high and high school students on a journey through the Canadian food cycle in this interactive video series.


What’s Included in the Feeding Canada Series?

The Feeding Canada series includes six short videos. The goal of the series is to provide an engaging, balanced, evidence-informed overview of the Canadian food system.


Each video includes a PRINTABLE lesson plan exploring a specific topic and how it relates to various stages of the food cycle. The plan includes

  • A detailed Teacher Guide with background information, discussion questions, activities, and extended learning resources
  • A student viewing guide with pre- and post-video reflection questions and additional learning resources.

The videos begin with an introduction to the food cycle and highlight specific issues relevant to key stages of the cycle, including

  • Production
  • Processing
  • Distribution
  • Access
  • Consumption
  • Waste management

Teachers also have access to the curriculum map for each lesson so you can easily identify curriculum connections.

Curriculum Connections for Lessons 1-6


Want the Lesson Plans?

Access a free PRINTABLE sample lesson plan here!

Lesson 3: Food Safety


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Engaging, balanced, evidence-informed overview of the Canadian food system.

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Feeding Canada

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