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  • The students really liked the recipes and some have mentioned they tried them at home while remote learning!

    – Great for remote learning!
  • My students enjoyed learning about new and different foods, as well as digging deeper into the origins of their favourite foods.

    – Perfect for food exploration!
  • Students loved the videos and watching other kids try stuff. They liked drawing their recipe and sharing with other kids. This could become division-wide when sharing and put this on the websites for all schools to share! Great fun!

    – Students love sharing food stories.
  • The students are LOVING the food stories and we are going to create a snack next week. We've been having a blast with this program and we're looking forward to trying our own parfaits. We ended up making a class recipe book with little bits of our story in them as well!

    – Grade 5 Teacher


Exploring Food Stories Quest: A 3-week quest for students to discover "Nü" foods and recipes together.

Hey Manitoba Teachers!

Are you looking for a fun, new activity to keep your students engaged for the last few weeks of school? We hear you. It’s been a long year and we could all use some fun!

What is Exploring Food Stories Quest?

Because we couldn't host our ever-popular student field trips SUPERCHEF Academy and Cooking Quest this year, we created this new Quest for you and your students! The quest activities incorporate core curriculum such as math, ELA and social studies.

Everyone has a unique food story, and food is what brings people together, especially during these challenging times. This 3-week quest to helps shine a spotlight on students’ food stories in a fun way.

Should your classroom register?

Please read the following eligibility criteria:

  • Do you teach Grades 2-5? (note: this Quest could be suitable for all grades with some support for younger students or extensions for older students)
  • You've taken a Nüton teacher workshop with us. If not, register here: Spots are limited and priority is given to teachers who have attended or registered for a Nüton teacher workshop.
  • Want to incorporate core curriculum in a different way?
  • Are you looking for a fun, new activity to keep your students engaged for the last few weeks of school?
  • Want to help your students understand where their food comes from?
  • Looking for a way to connect to at-home learning through food exploration?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, register now! Spots are limited.


How does it work?

Check the eligibility criteria above first before applying. Spots are limited and priority is given to teachers who have attended a Nüton workshop.

Selected classrooms will receive an EFS Quest Kit.

The quest starts April 25th and runs until May 13th.

Here’s how it works:

  • Week 1 – Choose! Introduce the activity to students using Nüton’s ready-made PowerPoint slides and ready-to-print student worksheets
  • Week 2 – Explore! Directions for students to work on recipe templates either during class or at home. Optional: Students can make their favourite food at home if they want.
  • Week 3 – Share! Students share their food stories in groups. Students/classrooms can start to submit student stories/photos to Nüton via a platform called FlipGrid in this week and up until the deadline.

Exploring Food Stories Quest Kits

What's Included?

Eligible classrooms will gain access to an Exploring Food Stories Quest kit, which includes:

  • Class set of Nüton aprons (child size)
  • Class set of chef hats (to decorate as you please!)
  • Nüton’s EFS Quest student worksheets and teacher guide *we apologize in advance—we are unable to provide French student materials at this time.
  • Food picture cards pack
  • Meals in a Jar recipe
  • A cheque to cover costs to purchase ingredients to make a snack with your students

We can’t wait to embark on this 3-week food story quest with you and your students!

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