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What is it? A 3-week quest for students to share their favourite food or recipe.

Hey Manitoba Teachers!

Are you looking for a fun, new activity to keep your students engaged for the last few weeks of school? We hear you. It’s been a long year and we could all use some fun!

During the pandemic, virtual “challenges” of all kinds have been all the rage! So much so that here at Nüton we decided to create our own version just for our teachers. We hope you and your students participate because…

There’s prizes involved!

What’s the Challenge all about?

We’re actually calling it a Quest, because ‘challenge’ sounds like too much of a, well, challenge! We promise it’s simple and fun. The quest activities incorporate core curriculum such as math, ELA and social studies.

If you’ve ever taken a teacher workshop with us (and if you haven’t, you definitely should sign up) you know that we value learning about people’s unique food stories. So, we decided to create a 3-week quest to help shine a spotlight on students’ food stories in a fun way.

We’re calling it:

Exploring Food Stories: A Quest with Nüton!

How does it work?

During this 3-week quest, we will send you (the teacher) the materials you need by e-mail to participate. So make sure you add us to your safe-sender list!

The challenge starts May 3rd and runs until May 21st. Prize entries officially close on June 1st. Keep reading for more on that…

If you’re a teacher, you can sign up simply using the button below.


What’s included:

Teachers who sign up will gain access to:

  • Nüton’s Food Story template, complete with worksheets with prompting questions to guide student learning
  • The challenge officially starts on May 3rd, but you can start at any time that week depending on how your classes are structured. Here’s what you’ll get, starting on May 3rd (check your inbox!):
    • Week 1 – Choose! Introduce the activity to students using Nüton’s ready-made PowerPoint slides and ready-to-print student worksheets
    • Week 2 – Explore! Directions for students to work on recipe templates either during class or at home. Optional: Students can make their favourite food at home if they want.
    • Week 3 – Share! Students share their food stories in groups. Teachers can start to submit student stories/photos to Nüton in this week and up until the deadline for a change to be entered into the random prize draw.

Deadline to enter the random contest is end of May. Students/classrooms will be notified of the winner.

Should your classroom participate?

  • Do you teach Grades 2-5? (although this activity could be used for all grades with some support for younger kids or extensions for older kids)
  • Want to incorporate core curriculum in a different way?
  • Are you looking for a fun, new activity to keep your students engaged for the last few weeks of school?
  • Want to help your students understand where their food comes from?
  • Looking for a way to connect to at-home learning through food exploration?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’re in the right place!



We can’t wait to embark on this 3-week food story quest with you and your students!

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