When Does Healthy Eating Become Unhealthy? (Webinar Recording)

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This webinar recording, When Does Healthy Eating Become Unhealthy?, aired on March 24, 2022. You can find a link to the recording below. Join our free webinar to learn how to spot diet culture and ways to support children and youth (and ourselves) towards a more positive relationship with food! Everyone is welcome.

Summary of Webinar:

In this webinar, you will learn ways to promote positive relationships with food and body by exploring:

  • The meaning of ‘healthy eating’ and ‘health’,
  • The nuances of diet culture,
  • How to spot diet culture and consider its impact on mental health,
  • Alternatives to the ways we talk about food, bodies and movement, and
  • How you can apply this in everyday life and your work with children and youth.

We will be sharing resources, information on our workshops, and much more!

Webinar Recording:



Webinar Slides:

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