Part 1 of 3: How to get Kids Involved at Home – Experience with Food!

We’re in this together

Everyone is feeling the ripple effects of school/daycare closures among many other cancellations and postponed events. To say that people are overwhelmed might be an understatement.

Nüton wants to help families get through this using the power of food. Exploring food and cooking is not only a good activity for long days spent at home, but it’s also a great opportunity to teach kids about science and math…and so much more!

To help you lighten things up, we will be sending you a series of our top tips on getting kids involved in the kitchen, while learning and having fun!

Best part? You don’t need anything fancy to get started. Please share this with any parents or caregivers who would find this helpful!


Explore Food at Home

Exploring food is the best way to learn about it! Create your own food exploration activity right at home! Learn more in our last blog post.

Simple Snack Ideas

Explore our Pinterest boards for some super easy and fun food activities. There’s something for everyone, on any budget or skill level.

Feeling overwhelmed? Start with our Snack Ideas board.

Kid-Approved Recipes!

We love these easy-peasy recipes from our Kids Cook 2 collection. Here are some examples to start you off!

Slow Cooker Taco Soup – need we say more? Who doesn’t love tacos?

Chocolate Cookie Milk CupsHere’s a fun and easy treat that lets you drink your milk and eat the cup, too!

Kids in the Kitchen

Why not make a kids’ cooking club right at home?

Download our FREE Kids in the Kitchen manual. Kids in the Kitchen is a how-to manual that includes recipes, activities and so much more for parents, funders and community partners. It was created to help inspire children to learn to cook easy, inexpensive, tasty foods through participation in a kids’ cooking club.

This manual is BIG! We suggest picking a few recipes that suit your family — there’s something for everyone!

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