Nurturing Healthy Eaters (Webinar Recording)

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This webinar recording, Nurturing Healthy Eaters, aired on October 28, 2021. You can find a link to the recording below. Join our free webinar to learn how to support positive eating environments in your school, child care facility, clinic and/or home!

Summary of Webinar:

Everyone has their own individual food story, something that guides our food choices throughout our lives and may evolve with time and experience. In this virtual workshop, you will learn how to use four ingredients to make a difference in the food stories of the children you work with by exploring:

  • How to talk about food with children,
  • How to approach food from home,
  • Solutions to picky eating, and;
  • How to apply these concepts through food-related activities

Join this workshop if you’re looking for new and helpful ways to support children in becoming competent, happy and curious eaters. We will also be sharing recipes, activities, resources, and much more!

Webinar Recording:

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Nurturing Healthy Eaters webinar slides

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